SEYANA-UAE webiste

Seyanah-UAE is application where you can submit the requested service and enter the details of the request from a. In addition you can place the desired time of serving you

Control panel manage Them requests by finishing work or post request to freelancer or company As they all regiest with us through the application also

Our Clients will be notified with updating them orders handle by great notification system

Mobile Application

can submit the requested service with/without supportive pictures or video of the problem as well as you can enter the details of the request.
In addition you can place the desired time of serving you


Clients Controller

Ability to mange , modify information , activation and display all info about thier request and thier offers of all clients such as Our CP Employee , users, freelancer and compay

Categoryies controller

Ability to add new cateogy to our system , detete cateogy and add some update existing category


Orders Contorller

Ability to manage orders come from our clients as we can send them notification to modify that orders , Move orders to freelancers and companies section so they can make offer, or cancel orders if our customer asked for that, with ability to see the order inwhich status

Location contorller

Ability to manage places we support Whether it countries and cities and ability to add, modify and delete places that will be out of our range


Notification contorller

Ability to send notification to our clients whether they are customers, freelancers, companies with more feature for freelancer and company to spcify city or category or both city and category